On Track: Course News, Projects and History

1942 Flyover

Haven't played at Jeffersonville in a while? In that case, you might not recognize us.

Our classic, Donald Ross-designed track has been one of Pennsylvania's top public courses for years. Even so, the course has experienced ample improvements through restoration and other various projects in the last few years. 

This page will give an overview of some of the projects happening while also featuring news, history and other interesting facts about the course. It's a place to stop by to learn more about the course and why certain projects are being completed, and how it gets done. 

So continue to check in for our course updates and projects, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram to interact with some of our best course photography.

February 2019: Tree Removal on 14 - The 14th at Jeffersonville is a unique hole. After a tough stretch of 11-13 that features three demanding and lengthy holes, the 14th is a reasonably short par 4 that measures less than 340 from the back tees. But while it may lack a challenge of length, the 14th packs a punch with strategically-placed bunkers (greenside and fairway) and a difficult green. Like most Donald Ross greens, a miss long is punishing as a steep slope carries balls from the back side of the green off into trouble. In early February, the grounds crew removed four trees that lined the back side of the green. The tree removal not only brought the design back to the way it was initially intended, but it also will improve the turf in that area. As seen in the third photo, the roots extended into the green collar.

Photo 1 - before (summer 2018)
Photo 2 - after (February 2019)

14 (before)14 (after)14 (tree roots)

January 2019: The Fried Egg - Jeffersonville Golf Club was recently featured in a piece by The Fried Egg, detailing the top public golf experiences in the Philadelphia area. The Fried Egg is a golf media company that dives into the world of course architecture and design. In addition to its online presence, it publishes a Podcast, often interviewing golf course architects and personalities. Last year, The Fried Egg interviewed Tyler Rae, who is a crucial part of the work done at Jeffersonville, alongside course Superintendant Rich Shilling and his team. 

December 2018: Bunkers on 3 - The third hole at Jeffersonville is a short, uphill par 4 that demands a tee shot on the left side of the fairway to allow for the best angle on the approach, and maybe most importantly, to avoid the bunkers on the right. Those bunkers were reworked over the winter, being completed in late December. You can see two great overviews of the process by checking both videos out on YouTube (Video 1 / Video 2) done by course Superintendant, Rich Shilling. This is not the only bunker work done on the third hole in the last few years, as the bunker that guards the right side of the green was recently redone, as well.

#3 Bunkers#3 Bunkers#3 Bunkers

Summer 2018: The Bunker Complex on 17 - The work done on hole No. 17 during the summer of 2018 was an incredible showing of design work, vision and execution. Considered one of the tougher holes on the golf course, players were more and more frequently aiming their tee shots over the dogleg and — if they didn't carry it — bouncing their balls onto the fairway. The newly-completed bunker complex now guards the dogleg, forcing a carry (and an easier second shot) or requiring players to aim left, thus creating a longer and more difficult second shot. It's the perfect risk-reward tee shot and the start-to-finish images of the project are amazing.

jville 17 abovejville 17 done