2019 Jeffersonville Golf Club Championships: Now Complete!


Championship Flight
Senior Flight
First Flight

Past Entry Information (for reference)

Qualifying Round: Rules

The Defending Champions in the Championship and Senior Flights are Exempt from Qualifying and will receive the #1 seed in their respective Flight.  All Players must participate in an 18-Hole Stroke-Play  Qualifying Round. The Qualifying Round must be announced, entry fee paid, and the Flight Specified to the Golf Shop prior to the start of the Round and must be Attested. All Qualifying Scorecards must be given to the Golf Shop immediately after completion of the Round. Players will be seeded in their flights respectively based on their Qualifying Score. 

All ties, (whether for seeding purposes or the last qualifying spot) will be broken by using the USGA Forma: (Back Nine Score). The Low 15 Qualifiers plus the Defending Champion (if applicable) in both flights will advance to Match-Play. Competitors that fail to make the field of 16 in the Championship Flight, may play in a "First Flight" championship depending on the total number of non-qualifiers. Gross Qualifying Scores will be used for the Championship Flight while Net Qualifying Scores will be used for the Senior Flight. Players may attempt to qualify more than once but entry fees are paid for each attempt. 

Qualifying Round Deadline: Friday, August 10, 2018

Championship Flight

Open to Everyone

  • All matches will be 18-Hole Gross Match-Play Competition (No Handicap)
  • The Qualifying Round and all Matches will be played from the GOLD tees (back)
  • First Flight Matches (if applicable) will be played from the BLACK Tees (Middle)

Senior Flight

Ages 60+
Must have a valid handicap

  • All Matches will be 18-Hole Net Match-Play Competition.  Players will receive their compliment of strokes based on the difference of the two handicaps, starting on the #1 Handicap Hole. (Maximum Handicap is 36)
  • The Qualifying Round and all Matches will be played from the Diamond Combo Tees (Mix of Front & Middle Tees)